101 Healthy Vegan Burgers Recipes

101 healthy Vegan Burgers Recipes by Daniel Nadav is free on October 20-22

I am Daniel and I’m 33 years old and I’ve always considered myself a moral person. But I lived for many years with an internal dissonance–the lust for animal products collided with the heavy moral baggage eating them brought.
My vision is to write a series of books consisting of original vegan recipes and distribute them to as many people as possible.

101 original, tasty and juicy healthy vegan recipes from all over the world

This unique book presents the perfect combination of the most popular food in the United States and the healthiest diet and way of living in the world!

Have you thought recently about how awesome it would be to eat a juicy and wonderful hamburger while being able to feel wonderful and even maintain weight?? Do you want your family to enjoy an amazing variety of vegan burgers, delicious and full of nutritional values? If the answer is yes, you need to read this book because this is the first complete bible of vegan burger recipes!

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