Amazon Product Description Guide – List of Allowed HTML Tags

Recently Amazon has changed their rules on how to “decorate” your book’s description.  Now the code make much more sense as it is similar to the older versions of HTML markup code.

Here is a list of HTML tags that are allowed to use by Amazon when you create your product’s description.


  • You can use these tags only in KDP area (not in  Author Central). Once you start editing it in Author Central, it will automatically strip away most of the code and make most tags a plain text.
  • After you’ve added your description with HTML tags, you may see a warning from Amazon “Your book description contains invalid HTML markup. Please make sure that your book description is entered in plain text.”  Even though you see this, you are still able to publish a book and the description should look properly on the website.
  • Images are not allowed anymore. Only the tags below.

Amazon HTML tags to use in product’s description

<b>  bold text

<br>  line break

<em> italic text


H1 Makes text XL-large. Use for titles


H2 Makes text L-large and ORANGE. Use for subtitles.

<h3> – looks the same as <b> in Amazon HTML

H3 Makes text M-large. Use for sub-subtitles.


H4 Makes text S-large.


H5 Makes text XS-large. Actually, text looks just small and bold.


H6 Makes text XXS- large. Text is very small and bold.

<hr> Inserts line break

<i> Makes text italic (same as <em>)

<li> Use to create lists.

<ol> Use to create ordered list.

This code…


Looks like this..

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Milk

<ul>  Tag defines an unordered (bulleted) list.

This code…


Looks like this:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk

<p>Defines new paragraph </p>


Text in a pre element
is displayed in a fixed-width
font, and it preserves
both      spaces and
line breaks
<s>  Specifies text that is no longer correct, accurate or relevant.</s>

<strike> Same as <s>
<strong>Text is bold, same as <b> </strong>
This text contains subscript text.

<sup> This text contains superscript text.

<u> </u> This is a parragraph. Tag represents some text that should be stylistically different from normal text, such as misspelled words.

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