Amazon is Getting Ready to Enroll Changes in KDP Area

Amazon keeps actively implementing new features for their Kindle eBooks publishers. The changes you will read about in this post have not yet been announced to the general public. Actually, I don’t think Amazon really intended to talk about these changes yet at all. My guess is they have been testing new features in beta, and, as it sometimes happens, something got out to their public website for just a brief moment.

Anyway, here are the latest changes you might see in your KDP panel next time you publish new books or edit existing ones.

1. KDP Select enrollment message  – for books that did not pass the duplicate content test, you may see the following message “This book does not qualify for enrollment in KDP Select as you do not have exclusive rights for the primary content of this book (i.e., this content is in the public domain or others may also have the right to publish this content). See KDP Select FAQ for more details.”  However, even with the message, the check mark “Enroll” is still active and can be checked if decided so.

Amazon Changes - Screenshot 1

2. Titles in Japanese – continuing it’s expansion into International markets, Amazon added some  fields to enter Japanese pronunciation guide for your book’s title in katakana.  There is also a new field “Romanized title” which is the application of the Latin script to write the Japanese language (rōmaji).

There are also the fields for Series titles, Edition number and Author, – two additional fields for each (pronunciation and it’s romanized version).

Amazon KDP Changes - Slide 2 (Titles in Japanese)

3. Reference ID – not sure yet what this is referring to. Will update when more information comes.

4. 18+requirement to select whether your book is safe for kids to read. “Does this book contain material appropriate for children”.

KDP account changes in admin panel - 18+ and Reference ID

5. Page turn directions where you can select to make your book be read from left to right like in English or right to left like in Japanese (so far Japan is the only market Amazon sells Kindle books to, that reads right to left).


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2 comments on “Amazon is Getting Ready to Enroll Changes in KDP Area
  1. Galyna – that sounds fascinating (its Dave here) where’s the log in button? What do you think these changes will end up doing? Good things or bad?

  2. Galyna says:

    Hi there David! The “Japanese” fields are definitely good for those who publish for that market. I am not sure about 18+ – whether Amazon will require everybody to assign their books or they’ll just do it automatically based on the categories…

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