Have You Seen My Shoe? (Happy Children’s Book)

My book will be free on Amazon on 10/19/13 to 10/20/13.
I’ll be very happy if you can help me to spread the word.

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Book description:
“Have You Seen My Shoe?” is an entertaining story that teaches a valuable lesson for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids about being responsible for taking care of their things.
It was Jason’s first day in kindergarten and he was really excited. As he was getting ready to go to kindergarten he discovered he had lost a shoe. He looked for the shoe all over his room: under the bed, behind the curtain, on the bookshelf and even inside the cat’s basket … but he couldn’t find it anywhere.
As he didn’t want to be late to kindergarten, he decided to go look for it outside. He traveled from place to place asking all the shopkeepers if they’ve seen it. Finally, he located his missing shoe… but in a most unlikely place.

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