Is Amazon Kindle Really a Better Publishing Platform?

The short answer is, YES, it is a truly excellent publishing platform!

This is no joke and no marketing ploy.

As you start to expand your writing and book publishing, you will come to see all of the finer details in book publishing, most of which are what my mentors and colleagues like to call “red tape”: barriers to entry and strict regulations which impede your publishing efforts.

Other publishing platforms have lots of tiny rules that stop your publishing efforts dead in its tracks.

Rules such as:

“Your title must capitalize only the first letter of each word, minus common words such as a, an, of, or, the, and…”


“Your style does not match our style guide and must be changed in order to be approved for publishing. Please refer to our gazillion page PDF style guide report at this link.”


“Your book submission has been received and will be reviewed. Please wait 6 weeks for further notification.”

And many more little rules and regulations which must be followed down to the last milligram.

Not only that, but the rules for each publishing platform differ widely and what goes for one marketplace most likely does not fly with another.

As you can see, all of these rules are impediments which can seriously prevent any talented writer from living his/her dream. They have prevented many writers such as yourself from even trying.

In my eyes, that is something that all of the publishing platforms should prevent from happening: they should prevent any rules from stopping legitimate writers like us from being able to publish content as we please.

Isn’t that what “self-publishing” is all about?

The Amazon Kindle self-publishing platform removes a great deal of these barriers for us.

The rules are very accomodating – their goal is to help US, the writers, MAKE MONEY!

That’s right, Amazon is on your side!

And since they are on our side, they have made it extremely easy to get our content published in their marketplace.

Amazon Kindle marketplace features:

  • They have very few requirements for publisher signup.
  • They have no entry or account creation fee – signup absolutely free.
  • They approve most books in a matter of hours (not weeks or months like other platforms).
  • They have no word-count minimum like other publishers.
  • They have a ridiculously powerful army of affiliates promoting your books.
  • They pay promptly every single month without fail.
  • They have excellent customer support.
  • They have super fast and user-friendly uploading and publishing interface.
  • They have a vibrant community of self-publishers who absolutely love to help other publishers such as yourself! (This aspect I particularly love about the Amazon Kindle).
  • …and many more features.

Clearly, in my humble opinion, the Amazon Kindle truly is the best self-publishing platform that any writer could ask for!

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